Why do I need a website?

More often than not, people go to the internet to find businesses.

Usually, the worst reason to do something is that “everyone else is doing it.” This is not necessarily the case when you are trying to sell your product or service. If you are not advertising where your competition is, you’ll find yourself left behind.

THE PAST – In the past, when your customers were looking for a product or service, their first choice would be to pull out the phone book and search for a store or company in their area that provided the product or service they needed. Sometimes they only found a name and phone number. Rarely they would find a photo advertisement with a list of services or products offered.

TODAY – With the internet today, that same customer can go to a search engine like Google and be presented with a list of businesses that fit their needs, with links to their web pages. Those web pages are loaded with product pictures, descriptions, price lists, maps, and phone numbers, and sometimes even online shopping which allows the customer to order products and services all without ever leaving their house or office.

Perhaps you have a “service” oriented practice such as accounting, consulting or law that’s already doing well and you’re wondering why you should burden yourself with the added expense and effort of a website. Simply, not having a web site will soon be like not having a listing in your local phone book. In the web world, this is referred to as a “corporate presence.” Even if your best business comes from word-of-mouth, your potential customers may still want to check you out. A well-designed, professional website will give you added visibility and credibility.

The cost of maintaining a website is probably the most cost-effective advertising you’ll ever do. A quarter page ad in the phone book can cost hundreds of dollars per month, a website probably won’t. Today, the internet is one of the first places a person who has access to a computer or even a smartphone will go to get information.

The internet IS information. Whether it’s information on weather, travel or a specific product or service, the internet is THE place your customers look to for information.

Your clients expect you to be online, and if you aren’t, your competitors are. Guess who’s going to be seen more often? We are here to help you get found before your competitors with a great-looking, user-friendly website for your business.

We also simplify the website design process to minimise any technical error, ensuring you have a perfect website for your business right from the word GO! Show us some of your favourite websites, and we help you to build your own page based on your likes, business personality and the functionality you need.

We can use pre-designed templates or come up with whole new layouts specific to your needs. We will go through different options to ensure you will get a great website, which works for your business, and help you decide what copy and images showcase your business the best.

Once your website is live you can use our 24/7 support to help us keep your details up to date on your website for you. Monthly scans and updates keep your site clean and running smoothly and will ensure that you don’t have any down-time, your site is secure and is running at 100%.

With mobile-optimisation your website will be streamlined over all web browsing capable devices, mobiles, tablets and PC’s and our websites are also SEO-optimised so that your customers find you. You will also get a monthly report for you to keep track of how your website is doing.

And if eCommerce is what you need we can create a website ready to accept payments for products or services online. Whether you need to sell products, accept payments for subscriptions or set up flash sales we can help you!

We have built websites for companies in many different industries, from Magazines and Radio Stations to Builders and Architects, including Online Stores for Adult Products, like models and RC Vehicles!

You can feel confident that once we are done NZ Web Services will Design and Build you a website that suits your Company, Brand and is just what you need for your business!

We’ll build you a customised website for your business, moulded to your needs, which will help showcase your business.

With 5 Pages you’ll have more than enough “space” to let your potential clients know who you are and what you can do for them!

Provide us with your Logo’s, Images and Text for your site and we can get your site up and running quickly for you.

Our in house Web Designer has experience in Graphic Design so anything extra you need made up can be undertaken for a small additional fee.

Ocean Imports Whakatane Info Website

Ocean Imports Whakatane Inventory Website

On All Floors BOP Info Website

On All Floors BOP Website

Vehicle Grooming Services Info Website

Vehicle Grooming Services Website

WRB Karting Supplies Info Website

WRB Karting Supplies Website

Improve your online presence or put your best foot forward with a fully optimized professionally designed website. Our Pro websites are based on high-end designs that will provide your business with a professional and creative look.

Provide us with your Logo’s, Images and Text for your site and we can get your site up and running ready for you to catch your clients’ eye! Our in house Web Designer has experience in Graphic Design so anything extra you need made up can be undertaken for a small additional fee.

With 10 Pages you’ll have more than enough “space” to offer your clients a more thorough look into what your business offers and can even keep in touch with your clients with Company specific articles, testimonials from previous clients and keep them appraised of anything new you offer as soon as its available.

Your website will be built on an open source platform with a smart Content Management System allowing you the freedom to update and upgrade your site quickly and easily yourself.

With our Pro website plan you will get an email address specific to your website, for example info@yourwebsite.co.nz… Your customers can get hold of you easily and your company will be more memorable in your clients’ inbox.

Workforce Recruitment, Employer and Employee Recruitment Agency Pro Website

Workforce Recruitment Agency Website

Goldsmiths Chartered Accountants Pro Website

Goldsmiths Chartered Accountants Website

Coast Storage Pro Website

Coast Storage Website

Coast Movers Pro Website

Coast Movers Website

Our E-Commerce websites are designed for sales and success. Enjoy the benefits and features of our Pro website with full e-commerce functionality. You will have a fully functioning shop with the ability for you to add as many or as few products and/or services you wish. Your Shop isn’t limited to just “retail” purchases; you could offer subscriptions or downloadable items for purchase instead.

Your website will have features like Product and Stock Management, PDF invoice and Packing Slip Generation and other features that help you keep track of your website sales easily.

Your customers will be able to browse your entire product catalogue or search for specific items, and with a simple signup form added to your website Newsletters can be used to send your customers’ links to featured products, scheduled sales, and coupons encouraging them to purchase from you again.

Our Designer will show you how to add Products, Pages, Blog posts and any changes you may need to make so that you will have the ability to manage your new website autonomously. But don’t think we’ll be leaving you to do this all on your own! Your designer will be a phone call or email away for any questions or to make changes for you!

We also recommend talking to your Bank about our preferred Payment Gateways*, so your clients will be able to pay using a direct Bank transfer or Credit Card at little extra cost to you, making ordering from your website easier for you, and your customers.

*There are fees payable to your bank and/or the payment system for gateways

Pilot Petes RC and Model Shop

Pilot Petes RC and Model Shop

Have Courage My Love Leather Dressing Online Supplier

Have Courage My Love Store

The prices above are are excluding GST and for a website build with all copy, information, logos, designs, graphic and related materials to be incorporated into the web solution provided. Any content that must be created by NZ Web Services will incur a cost of $130 +GST per hour.

Credit Card and Bank Transfer capabilities for You Shop sites may incur added Bank charges or a percentage of transaction at time of sale. This will be discussed further at the beginning of any website build.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more detailed information.